25 May

Physical well-being

On May 25th, CIDET organised an activity to apply and test the module about physical well-being. It included theoretical introduction about the benefits of an active life and later the opportunity to share a nice walk in the surroundings of Castellón.

We aimed that after the implementation of this activity, seniors get more interested in this kind of activity so we will keep offering them.

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17 May

Beautiful Mind event on 17th May 2016 in Lodz

On 17th May 2016 Centre of Business Synergy in cooperation with the Chair of Library and Information Science at the University of Lodz (Poland) organized a multiplier event, which main aim was to popularize the Beautiful Mind project results. To encourage the participants to use our materials in everyday work or life, we presented them with the results and gave speeches. Other lecturers presented their point of views on adult education and the role of permanent development.

The first speech was given by prof. Dorota Podgórska-Jachnik (University of Bydgoszcz, Poland). Beautiful Mind project has inspired her to express how important it is to be active (physically and mentally) during our whole lives. The active attitude helps us maintain human relationships and avoid depression – what is especially important for seniors.

Dr. Alina Brzuska-Kępa (University of Lodz, Poland) emphasized the role of grandparents in creating grandchildren’s reading tastes. Monika Wachowicz and Piotr Szeligowski (Pegagogy Library in Lodz) presented the ways to get seniors involved in Information and Communication Technologies. They suggested some mobile application that may be interesting for adults – e.g. those that can help them with everyday routine.

Aleksandra Marciniak, Beata Wawrzyniak-Chrzanowska and Adam Chrzanowski (Centre of Business Synergy) presented the manual, movies and on-line platform that were created during the project. All participants got the manual and links to e-materials. They were encouraged to provide feedback, concerning whether they are going to use the products, and also suggestions of any changes.

The last part of the meeting were the workshops with Marek Szurawski – very famous Polish mnemotechnics trainer. He is the person who translated the most popular books connected with Speed Reading and memory techniques (e.g. by Tony Buzan or Harry Lorayne) into Polish. The participants were involved in learning mnemotechnics and ensured that using the Beautiful Mind manual will help them in everyday lives.

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