06 Jun

Beautiful Mind final conference 6th June 2016

The conference has been held at Università delle LiberEtà del Fvg on the 6th of June 2016. Invitations have been delivered time before to all relevant stakeholders and interested persons. Participants have been around 100 and the timetable from morning 9.00 a.m. to afternoon 16.00 p.m. has been kept.

The title of the conference was BEAUTIFUL MIND both to focus on the project issues and to recall all issues related to mind and body wellness in many of their aspects.

People from local, regional and national relevant institutions have been invited , but the majority of participants came form the city and the Region Fvg.

The programme was organized as follows and it has been fully kept:

– Regional and City authorities regards

– Presentation of the conference by the president of Università delle LiberEtà Giuseppina Raso

– Presentation of the Project Beautiful Mind by the referent person Alessia Fabbro and by the project manager Raffaele Perrotta

– Contribution on the subject of the project by the Mayor of Udine prof. Furio Honsell titled Healthy and Active Ageing

– Two speeches by regional authorities about the Regional Laws on active ageing and their actual results

– A speech titled ‘ From Mind to body; a life project for adults and seniors’ held by prof. Gianna Prapotnich EPALE Stakeholder

Then after the lunch break we have thought it was interesting to listen about other points of view about the topic. So the programme was:

– A speech about the informal system and the role of Pharmacies with adults and seniors, held by the president of the Order of Pharmacists of the Province of Udine Prof. Michele Favero

– A speech about ICT and Internet for adults and seniors; ‘From a risk to a driving force for a better quality of life’; held by Doct. Eng. Raffaele Perrotta, vice president of Università delle LiberEtà and Project Manager

The Conference then continued with a moment reserved to questions and answers regarding the issues that have been treated. After this discussion, the workshop started.

During the workshop all project material has been deeply presented and all participants could see in depth the modules and their contents as well as discuss about them with the participant colleagues.


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