Center of Business Synergy

Center Of Business Synergy

Center of Business Synergy is a professional, independent and dynamic developing micro company (one-person business activity ), providing trainings and services. CBS is operating on the market since October 2013.

The Owners of Center of Business Synergy are Beata Wawrzyniak-Chrzanowska and her husband, Adam Chrzanowski. They are authors and coordinators of various educational projects (pre-accession projects and projects financed by European Union), relating to special education, career counselling, adults’ education and IT. In regard to their experiences, they decided to create company, which will be providing services for knowledge and technologies transfer from education world to business world. Influence on CBS creation had also support and experience of group of specialist, with whom Beata and Adam where cooperating from 2002 – 2013. In this period, they have made together many projects, trainings, conferences and thematic seminars.

Constant developing of the CBS gives an opportunity for finding the best resolutions in providing professional offers in accordance with requirement and client expectations. CBS ensures the highest
quality of provided services.

Area of CBS activities include:

  • Realization of social research.
  • Trainings which concern social policy, development of entrepreneurship and career counselling for highest risk groups (unemployed and working inactive adults’, vocational schools and high school youths).

Most of CBS activities are dedicated to developing of stationary and on-line trainings. Trainings are related to quick reading technique and mnemonic technique. CBS also provides analytical and consulting services.

IT department is taking care of entrepreneurs in below areas:

  • Internet marceting,
  • SEO,
  • SEM,
  • Administrating of websites,

CBS has experience in:

  • Working with various marketing,
  • Providing services connected to optimalizations, SEO, websites administration,
  • Creating promotional videos.

CBS has technological experience and required knowledge for making an instructional videos in studio and in Greenbox Technology.

For CBS the main targets for the future are:

  • Development of training resources;
  • E-learning solusions for business (i.a. for hotels and restauration);
  • Offers dedicated to the widest group of recipients;
  • Cooperation with national administration.

Following that, dissemination of worked-out results of trainings programs will be possible in the future.