Università delle LiberEtà

Universita Delle Libereta

Università delle LiberEtà of Friuli-Venezia Giulia is a Life Long Learning Centre in Udine, engaged in permanent education and training. Università delle LiberEtà aims at:

  • being a cultural and formative resource for the whole community;
  • making all associates aware that the present epochal changes require recurrent and continuous formative modernization;
  • stimulating the learners to an active and fruitful participation, by proposing initiatives and projects and contributing to their implementation;
  • increasing the cultural horizons, from traditional culture to the new ways of learning;
  • innovating learning and teaching methodologies, pointing out that improving culture and learning is possible at every age.

As Università delle LiberEtà is based on the relations between different generational groups, it therefore intends:

  • to stimulate dialogue, meeting and exchange of ideas among different age groups;
  • to activate theoretical and practical courses also for people still in their working age and to increase the development, deepening and updating of cultural and formative contents by organising courses for the staff of the schools of every degree;
  • to fight isolation and to stimulate social and cultural promotion of the elder people by means of meetings and other initiatives of socialization and formation;
  • to activate studies, investigations, researches, conventions on the problems of all ages, including education;

Since 1993 (year of its foundation) the number of participants/learners, teachers and the choice of the educational offers have been increasing. Today it counts around 4.000 members and carries out almost 600 formative routes a year, which involve about 200 teachers.